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Friday May 27, 2022

A Bright Guide to: IT & Technology in Investment Banking

According to the Global Financial Centres Index, London is the financial center of the world. Therefore, London’s professionals and technology are the best in business. Communication delays of just a nanosecond can cost banks their business. A tiny bug could also bring down markets and cause price drops that reach millions. This sector is for […]

Apple may launch 27-inch iMac Pro with Mini LED display next year

Apple’s next-year lineup of Macs is going to be fascinating. A new report now gives additional details about the 27-inch iMac Pro which will replace the 27-inch Intel model. Display Supply Chain Consultants has revealed that Apple’s next iMac Pro will have a mini LED 27-inch display with ProMotion technology. This is Apple’s term for […]

iPhone 13 has a lower depreciation value than Pixel 6 after a month of release reveals new report

The Pixel 6, Google’s flagship smartphone, was launched two months after Apple’s iPhone 13 Series. The Pixel 6 is a major Android competitor to the iPhone. The Apple iPhone 13 range has a better value than the Pixels, according to SellCell, a mobile marketplace and price comparison website. The average loss of the Pixel 6 […]

The 7 Biggest Technology Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now

We live in the 4 th Industrial Revolution, and technology is changing faster than ever. Individuals and companies that aren’t updated with the latest tech trends risk being left behind. Knowing the trends is key to helping businesses and individuals prepare for the future and seize opportunities. As a futurist in technology and business, my […]

Top 9 New Technology Trends for 2022

Technology is constantly evolving. This allows for rapid progress and change. IT professionals are realizing that their roles will shift in the contactless future. They will continue to learn, unlearn and re-learn as necessary. What does all this mean? It means that you need to keep up with technology trends and technologies. These people are working remotely. […]

What is cloud computing?

What exactly is the cloud? The cloud is your new home. The cloud allows you to run. All data stored in the cloud Accessible from the cloud: It seems that everything happens “in the clouds”. But what is this mysterious concept? It’s located at the other end of your internet connection. This is where you […]

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