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Thursday Aug 11, 2022

How software developers can improve technical skills with on-the job training

Business leaders have been looking to increase their competitive edge in recent years by investing more money in learning and developing (L&D). A 2018 UK L&D survey revealed that 94 percent of companies consider L&D essential to their commercial success. Gartner’s 2020 HR Leaders Report revealed that 86% of HR technology leaders consider building key […]

Top 7 Tips on How to Speed Up Software Development

Are you familiar with a company that isn’t concerned about software development speed? Or a client who doesn’t care about the release date. We don’t either, so it’s not surprising. We’ve seen every organization that we worked with feel pressure to cut down on time-to-market, and retain their market share. Unless you are a market leader like Apple […]

15 Tips for Managing a Software Project

You can choose to become a project manager or an engineer in the software industry. Now is the best time to look into a job in project management. According to Indeed, the median annual salary for software project managers exceeds $126,000. Furthermore, this field is projected to grow at 11 percent compared with seven percent for […]

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