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Friday May 27, 2022

Top skills to excel in the Technology sector

To apply for a job in the technology sector, you don’t need to be a programming expert at 18 but you will need to have some technical skills.

Recognizing that not all undergraduates have the technical skills required by the sector, firms seek graduates in computer science, electronics and maths to fill the gap.

Most firms also want to hire graduates from IT and non-IT backgrounds. In fact, 55% of those who enter the sector are not from IT disciplines. Firms are generally looking for proof of academic success, as well as the right mix of business and technical skills. To give you an idea of the areas you might fit in, we’ve compiled six top skills that recruiters are looking for.

1. A strong interest in Technology/IT/Computing

You must find something you enjoy in order to succeed at any job. Accenture is a top employer that wants their Technology Consultants to be passionate about their industry and eager to discuss the latest trends and developments.

While no one expects you to be a world-class specialist, being aware of the changing world of technology will help you stand out among recruiters.

It is possible that you will need to answer questions related to what interests you, so do your research.

2. Problem solving

A challenge is something you must enjoy, even if there aren’t any answers. You also need to be persistent in seeking out solutions. You might be a lover of puzzles, chess, or games. Perhaps you love logic and solving complex problems. You could be a good candidate for this job if you have either of these interests.

3. Numbers are a good thing

You’re likely to enjoy solving logical problems and are confident with numbers handling. While no one expects you to be a mathematician, you will need to be able to deal with numbers as part of your job.

4. Commercial awareness

You should be able to see the importance of technology in your business. While you don’t have to be able to provide the same level of detail as investment bankers and strategy consultants, being commercially savvy will increase your credibility with employers. This will help you as you move up the ladder and reach higher levels in your career. Bright Network can assist you with commercial awareness updates.

5. Willingness and openness to learning

This sector is constantly innovating. This sector is constantly innovating and you will need to adapt to changes and be open to new ideas. You enjoy learning about innovative solutions that will improve the lives of consumers and businesses, and you are happy to keep up with current trends.

6. Ability to work in a group and independently

You might find yourself totally absorbed in a project, depending on your job. You might also find yourself working in a group and will need to adjust to a new work environment. You will thrive in both settings in an ideal world.

These are three top tips to help you succeed…

  1. Demonstrate your enthusiasm: It doesn’t matter if you are a Computer Science graduate or not. You can join a computing club or learn programming languages (C++, Java and PHP are especially sought-after), or create your own website using WordPress.
  2. Discover the best working environment for your needs: This section provides information about working environments at different companies, based on their size, product focus, and training opportunities. With this information you will be able determine which environment is best for you – whether it’s the freedom and recognition offered by a small company or the structured career path and relative anonymity of a large one. Interning can be a great way for you to discover where you are most comfortable and where you thrive.
  3. You can sharpen your skills by attending an IT bootcamp (Microsoft runs one as well as computer clubs). This will not only demonstrate your commitment and initiative but also help you to improve your technical skills. Learn Python from Bright Network’s Technology Academy course.

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