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Friday May 27, 2022

iPhone 13 has a lower depreciation value than Pixel 6 after a month of release reveals new report

The Pixel 6, Google’s flagship smartphone, was launched two months after Apple’s iPhone 13 Series. The Pixel 6 is a major Android competitor to the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 13 range has a better value than the Pixels, according to SellCell, a mobile marketplace and price comparison website. The average loss of the Pixel 6 range was nearly 43 percent, according to data from 45 buyback vendors. This happened within one month of launch. The iPhone 13 line, however, had a 25 percent decrease in value within the first month after launch.

The iPhones’ value has declined between 22.4% – 28.9% over three months (or 21.8%), while the Pixel 6 shows a loss of 42.6% over the same period. This is twice the iPhone’s average loss in three months.

The iPhone models have the lowest overall depreciation rate of any smartphone model. However, it is too early to draw any conclusions, as the Google Pixel 6 series is still relatively young.

Last month, it was reported that iPhone 13 models held their value better than any other iPhone model in the period since launch. The iPhone 13 continues to show buoyancy, with the lowest depreciation rates in the smartphone industry. The Pixel 6 is still in early release. It will be clearer to see the difference in depreciation between it and iPhone 13.

  • Apple’s iPhone 13 continues to enjoy buoyancy in terms of valuation, recovering even more of its initial loss in the second and third months. This is the best iPhone launch ever, and it has a remarkable low average depreciation in the whole smartphone industry.
  • The iPhone 13’s depreciation value didn’t change in months two and three. It declined from 25.5% to 21.8% in the second month to 3.7% in the third.
  • Each iPhone 13 model has seen a value recovery compared to its initial depreciation at launch. All iPhone 13 models now have a greater value than they did 2 months ago.
  • Google’s newest handset, the Pixel 6 128GB, suffered the lowest value loss of any of its new range of handsets with just 36.6% depreciation. The iPhone 13 Mini, 128GB GB, was 26.9% less expensive.

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