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Monday Oct 03, 2022

A Bright Guide to: IT & Technology in Investment Banking

According to the Global Financial Centres Index, London is the financial center of the world. Therefore, London’s professionals and technology are the best in business. Communication delays of just a nanosecond can cost banks their business. A tiny bug could also bring down markets and cause price drops that reach millions. This sector is for you if you are looking to work in an industry that produces tangible real-world results.

What is it?

Graduates in Banking Technology can either work on software for the bank’s business and transactions or focus on hardware.

It is used for what?

The bank and financial sector are dependent on technology. A $300 million cable was run across the Atlantic to cut five milliseconds between New York City and London. It’s a race for speed and complexity.

These useful resources will help you stay on top of your game.

It is a great career choice.

Financial sector technologists are in high demand and well-respected. This is a challenging career that will test your limits and provide new challenges. You will have a distinguished career in Banking, or you can transfer your knowledge to another sector.

What are the different roles?

You have many options in this industry, but these are the most sought-after among graduates.

  • Programmers: You will be responsible for creating and testing individual programs that can help shape the company’s strategy and future growth.
  • Software engineers: You’ll be responsible for developing software systems and researching software. Software designers also play a similar role.
  • Product Manager: These product managers work closely with the team to create new products and bring them to the market.
  • IT User Support Technicians are also known as help desk support. They solve problems and assist clients in maximizing the software’s capabilities.

It would be a great job. What skills are you looking for?

This career is best for graduates who love technology. While a passion for finance is not necessary, nobody expects you to become an economist. However, it would help if you were interested in the impact your actions have on the financial markets. This career is best for graduates who enjoy fast pace and pressure. It will also suit those with global ambitions. These are some of the most important skills required to excel in this industry.

  • Problem-solving
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  • Effectively working in a team or independently
  • Numeracy skills

How to impress an applicant

It is a good idea for you to think about what kind of work you are interested in. It is important to choose the relevant modules in university. It would help if you also spent some time learning about the tools used by employers so that you can do something similar in your spare time.

A true standout candidate can demonstrate their ability to handle pressure and adapt quickly. You should highlight times when you have worked to tight deadlines and demonstrate that you are willing to do extra work in group presentations to achieve a great result.

Find out where to find more.

Bright Network’s career guide for software development and technology IT is the best place to start your journey in this field. We have everything you need, from tech interview tips and salary expectations to understanding tech jargon.

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